Miss Bumble
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Hand felted and hand drawn whimsy.
Miss Bumble fibre artist & illustrator

Miss Bumble is an Illustrator, Painter, Textile & Felting Artist living out of Fanny Bay, BC Canada. Inspired by the mountains ocean and nature surround this beautiful area, she incorporates this into many of her pieces. Each piece is unique, handmade and including natural materials whenever possible. The layer lines of a tree ring, the smooth edge of a shell and the pockets of space found in lichen that hangs from the trees, all of these are inspiration for the artist. Creating wearable felted artwork jewelry, the artist is inspired by the surrounding forests, mountains and sea with a heavy interest in permaculture which is reflected in recent works. A newcomer to the Comox Valley, her artistic roots lie in Salt Spring Island where she spent close to a decade explore different mediums and styles. Displaying her artwork in Salt Spring's Even Cheaper Art Show in 2013 and 2014, Stuff & Nonsense Boutique and a market stall in the island's long running Saturday Market her portfolio is full and waiting to grow further. 


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